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Begin building your interest list by planting seeds of biblical truth in your community. Establish as many Bible studies as you can—it’ll help your church realize more success in each consecutive phase of the evangelism cycle. This is also the time to start holding bridge events for the community to connect with your church and God’s Word.

Customize your evangelism cycle

What can I do?

  • Invest in finding Bible School contacts

    • Enrollment card mailings

    • Social media campaigns

    • Local ads for free studies

    • Go door to door

    • Distribute door hangers

  • Begin studying with your new contacts

    • Discover Bible Guides

    • Focus on Prophecy Guides

    • KidZone Guides

    • Native New Day Guides

    • Or use whatever favorite lessons you want for your Discover Bible School, even if they're not from the Voice of Prophecy

  • Literature distribution

    • Discover Mini tracts

    • Authentic GLOW tracts

    • Event-themed GLOW tracts

  • Host or share a bridge event (Available as a church event, small group kit, or 2-person sharing edition)

    • Shadow Empire

    • A Pale Horse Rides

    • Final Empire

    • The Serpentine Prophecy

    • The Appearing

    • MindFit

  • Host a Vacation Bible School in summer

    • Rescued: Safe in Jesus VBS (Discovery Mountain VBS)

Resources for this phase

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