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Evangelism Cycle Worksheets

Once you’ve outlined calendar periods for each phase of your evangelism cycle, it’s time to build your activities and resources list. These worksheets help you do just that!

These free worksheets will help you:

  • Brainstorm and plan what you want to do during each phase

  • List out the resources you’ll need for those activities

  • Budget each activity and resource for your plan

Print as many as you need for your church board or evangelism committee!

Mini Evangelism Cycle Guide

This little guide is a handy quick-reference tool to guide you and your church committee or board as you plan out your evangelism cycle.

This free mini guide:

  • Gives an overview of what each phase is all about

  • Shares example resources to use in each phase

  • Gives ideas of what activities to do in every phase of the cycle

Available in two versions: mobile and printer-friendly.

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